Rain Dog is Getting a New Dodger!!



 Dodger is almost complete. It is a bit of a beast, tall and bulky. We are used to the streamlined, lower, sleeker version. But this allows Brian to stand under the dodger, has great visability, and will allow the rainfly( dodger awning) to be as tall as a bimini. We do not plan on a lot of offshore voyaging, mainly trying to be as fair weather sailors as we can. 




Dodger. I call it the beast, I hope i can get used to its size. Other then it looking ungainly, I love it, very utilitarian.

North Canvas is tweaking the dodger, making it a bit tighter. Also, we have rope clutches that are very challenging to fit a dodger around.


I’ve already started on the Rainfly. Forward edge of rainfly will be attached to tabs that are sewn into the dodger.. The rainfly will extend all the way to our backstay. I made it out of sunbrella awning canvas with a pole pocket at the backstay end to stiffen and shape. This will free the cockpit up of all the Bimini bows and junk. It will also allow us to detach quickly to have a nice clear overhead. My hubby is 6’1 so need good head clearance. On the rainfly I will have velcro sewn at sides and aft edge to add shade curtains and mosquito netting.

The rainfly is about 4 1/2 yards of linen Sunbrella.

Putting grommets in the Rainfly(dodger awning)



Rough fit of the rainfly, just wanted a quick look before starting the shade curtains. The dodger isn’t installed completely so it is a little saggy

Rainfly aft pvc batten. I installed stainless eyes on the pvc caps for the lashing.


I cut a ventilation port in the dodger cover. This allows the clear vinyl to stay protected from UV, while allowing a nice breeze and visibility forward.


Dodger cover mod. Allows a little ventilation and visibility while at anchor or at slip, while still keeping the clear vinyl protected from UV.



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