New Cushions for Salon


Salon cushion PREQUEL, The Denial Stage :

 The salon cushions aboard Rain Dog are original and really need to be replaced. But Brian and I want to try to get another year or two before going all out on my fantasy cushions.

So I took apart the cushions, cleaned the covers in a front loader (twice) and baked the foam in the sun. I sprayed the foam with Raritan K.O. to see if I could get the 20 year old funk out of it. Worked pretty good.


Baking the old foam in the sun


 No, the foam isn’t pretty, but it is intact, not crumbly at all, quite strong. ( denial stage still going strong)

After all the cleanup and reassembly, I will then make a couple slip covers for all the salon cushions so I can easily wash and recover. So much construction going on in Rain Dog, plus we have a new dog that can get a little confused about where he can and can’t pee, I think the delay in new covers will work out well :). The slip covers will be sewn like fitted sheets. The fabric, cotton, will be washable. I also have some flannel sheets I may convert to slip covers also.


One of the backrest cushions is plywood backed

I bought two yoga mats, $20, to put under the cushions to help it from bottoming out. I may be able to fit it inside the old cushion covers, if not, I’ll just put them between the cushion and settee. So far I’m in $140 buck for the whole project. Hopefully, it will make a difference and buy us some time till new cushions come up on the priority list, so far haul out, and solar panels are priority now, not to mention the dodger! Lord I can not wait for my dodger! πŸ™‚




Update: Reality Hits, acceptance stage πŸ™‚ old foam and upholstery is not going to work!

 Returned fabric($90). 

Time to rethink project….



 **************UPDATE 9/2/2014:***************************************************



No use reviving old foam, it’s dead. So we have been without cushions, using our cockpit cushions in our salon for temporary relief on our sore bums. Since I was pushing Brian for a dodger, I thought to make the new cushions myself, saving us about $2500. I will make box cushions. I’m cutting our bottom cushions in half for ease of locker access. Backrest cushions will stay one long cushion.



Layering foam, for the comfy couch feel.

New Foam :-). I bought 3″ of firm lux (50Lb), 1″ of medium (36Lb) and 1″ of super soft foam(12 Lb). In my research, I found layering different densities of foam, firmest on bottom, will give you a nice comfy seat :-). Foam was bought from foam factory (free shipping). Replacing bottom foam only, backrest foam is still fine. My goal, since I’m doing everything myself, is to stay around $500. No lumbar support, no leg rolls, too complicated to sew for my first cushion project. But I think these cushions will be very comfy :-). Fabric was bought at, a polyester indoor/outdoor fabric by Marco( 11yds on sale $90). **Note: in hindsight I should of splurged for the sunbrella. With all the man hours involved, I’ve realized it just doesn’t make sense to get anything but high quality fabric. This fabric will do fine, but next time sunbrella!


  Patterning foam.

I did not use old foam to patterm but make a fresh pattern. Lovely throwing those old cushions away :-).  Sailrite shows a trick using basting tape to secure pattern plastic to your surface so you get a nice clean pattern. First, I lay down some blue tape along the edge of what I want to be patterned. I then afix the basting tape to the blue tape. This insures there is no residue left behind when pattern making is done and tape is removed. I place my pattern plastic and smooth out any wrinkles. The basting tape keeps everything in place while I make my marks.


Sailrite’s method of template making made this job a lo

  Brian and I measured the curve to allow foam to be more narrow and then wider as it travels up the hull to accommodate the hulls curvature.


Measuring for the curve in the hull


Foam is back aboard Rain Dog to ensure proper fit. We used a new electric meat carving knife ( black and decker for $10). Have some pretty deep angles along the hull side of cushion, some almost 9″. Brian donned leather gloves and held knife tip to follow the underside template line while I held the knife handle and followed the topside template line. Sailrite has a great video to explain cutting foam and dealing with angled cuts



Cutting fabric. While staying at my sister-in-laws house for a few days, I took advantage of her big dining room table to cut the fabric πŸ™‚ sweet.


Nice big table to cut fabric on


Back onBoard Rain Dog, making the plaque for Cushion #1, plaque is the zippered part of the boxed cushion. My very first plaque πŸ™‚


First zipper plaque



I made the boxing all one piece and sewed everything together. After adding 3/4 polyester batting to my cushion I fit the cover over my foam…Cushion #1 Done!! πŸ™‚


Not bad for my first cushion.


Covering the wood backed backrest cushion. We have one backrest cushion that is plywood backed to convert settee into large king sized berth. I’m using original foam for the backrest but adding 3/4 batting to give it a little more softness. I stapled the fabric directly to the plywood, starting in the middle( top and bottom) then moved to the corners to take up any extra fabric. πŸ™‚


Stapling the fabric to the wood backed cushion. I hemmed the fabric before attaching.


Easiest cushion to do!!



 Done!! Next time I’ll use a higher quality fabric. Other then that I’m very happy with the cushions. They are very soft to sit on but do nit bottom out. Mixing densities of foam makes a huge difference in comfort.



Before last cushion was completed my hubby bought me a sailrite LS-1😘





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