Nearing the Finish, or Rather, Starting Line..


Flashback!! Erika, in the Bahamas, twenty years ago! Delivering a beautiful Little Harbor 52 from St. Thomas to Eluthera. Don’t laugh at the fanny pack! Ok, laugh, it’s pretty goofy ūüôā

We have set our sights to leave this winter for the Caribbean. After all we have been through these last three years, we are finally heading out aboard Rain Dog :-). My health has improved, my high/low inter-cranial pressure seems to be under control somewhat, thanks to the tweaking of my medications. I’ll update my Broken Brain page for those interested in the nitty-gritty on that subject.

On the boat, we have been burning through our list of boat projects, though we have bunches still to do. I will try to update the blog of our completed projects. My iPad can be very challenging to blog on, and also time consuming. We will haul out in about 4 weeks for a bottom job and several out-of-the-water projects. Here is the list: 

Drop mast:

  • replace all tangs on mast
  • Inspect all fittings¬†
  • Install new VHF, anchor light, and windex¬†
  • Instal spinnaker bail
  • Add safety reflective tape stripes at top of mast and at spreaders

Below water line projects:

  • Remove, inspect, rebuild, or replace, all seacocks
  • Inspect rudder
  • Inspect keel
  • Bottom job

There is more, but that is the brunt of it :-).

We have forgone the compound and wax, figure we can do that at anchor in a pretty place :-). Most of my sewing projects will be finished as I’m not sure when we will have AC for the sewing machine. The new cushions for the main salon will be done. Sheet bags and various lifeline bags for odd and ends will be complete too.¬†

I’m installing a bladder in our dry head from the urine diverter. This will include a check valve to keep the bowl dry and a quick connect for easy removal. I will also have a quick connect plumbed from tank to a through hull for when we are allowed to discharge overboard. The through hull quick connect will not be hooked up permanently. Rather, I will connect into the through hull discharge line when urine tank is full. I will use gravity to drain the tank (by lifting the tank a foot or two above its storage space), then disconnect the discharge line. This way we do not accidentally discharge in a NDZ (no discharge zone). This project will be posted on the Head Project page of our blog.

We hope to leave in late November to early December. In November will have a big Bon Voyage and christening party for Rain Dog and crew. :-).



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