Long Overdue Measurements of Head

We have had many requests for this information, so here are the measurements.

The head is built on a raised platform from previous wet head install. The raised plateform is 5 1/2 tall. We chose not to build front panel to fit flush with floor, rather, it is flush with the height of the raised head base.

Head measurments

A. Front to back, depth.  15 3/4 inches

B. Width on each side of urine collector, lined up with urine hole drain. 

Fwd. 8 1/2 inches (bow side)

Aft. 7 inches (stern side)

C. Width across front, full width.  20 inches

Dry head measurements

D. Height of front panel, including gap at bottom (i.e. outside measurement from floor to top of panel).  21 inches

** we did not close the gap at bottom but chose to leave open for more foot space and ventilation. Head overhangs platform by about 2 inches.

E. Inside height of panel from base to top of front panel. This is different due to the raised base for original head. 14 1/2 inches tall

***Height of base to urine separator spout, this allows urine spout to sit into 1 gallon jug spout without resting on jug spout . 10 inches. 

Urine separator placement

F. Urine separator sits back from front ledge 1 1/2 inches. And has an aft clearance from poo hole to back bulkhead of 4 inches.


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