New Hatches For Rain Dog

[Note: This post has been updated with the final project pictures now that we are done!]


We ordered new Bomar Hatches for Rain Dog. The original hatches are falling apart. The new hatches are beautiful, and we got them at a great price, $400 off each hatch!!

After removing the forward hatch and attempting to install the new hatch, we realized the new hatch does not fit…


So I will, sniff sniff, return new hatches and we will simply rebuild the old hatches..sigh.

Here are some pics of the forward hatch removal. It took an hour or two. We used sharp putty knives to cut the bedding which seemed to be 5200. We then pried up at all four corners.



We sharpen the putty knives and came in at an angle to cut the bedding


Got all corners free




Old hatch is out!


Some rot in the port aft corner

Steps For Rebuilding Bomar Series 100 Hatches

Step 1) remove old hatches~~done

Step 2) clean Fiberglass surface of all old bedding material, looks like a mixture of butyl and 5200. Epoxy core, filler where needed.

Step 3) strip hatch of all removable Parts, including hinges, to prepare for sandblast and new powder coat finish.~~~done 

Step 4) sandblast and powder coat hatch~~~done 

Step 5) have new lexan cut, and re glaze.~~~done 

Step 6) install new Harware, dogs and risers with Tef-gel coating ~~Done

 Step 7) rebed hatches with Butyl. ~~Done

Step 8) install hardwood trim ring around interior hatch opening~still in progress! I need to epoxy and paint the trim Brian fit for the fwd hatch. I may have to patch the headliner too. 


We have the hatches back from the powder coating company, $40 per hatch ( done by Protective Powder Coatings in Corpus Christi) looks beautiful!!!! The first set of lexan we had cut came out terrible, poorly cut and some scratches in the lexan($80 done by Austin Plastics and supply). So, second pair of lexan was done by Regal Plastics in Houston, great job, no scratches 🙂 ($102). 


   Bomar Arms, 2 per hatch


All bomar parts were bought at ($485). This includes 4 (part# p100-00) arms, 4  (part# p100-09) dogs, and 2rolls of Gasket material ( several part# for same product p100-53, p100-51, p100-52, p3000-20, p3000-21, p3000-22)

**Don’t forget the Tef-gel. It helps decrease the corrosive reaction between the stainless and aluminium parts


Bomar Hatch Gasket


Bomar Hatch Dogs


I have the newly painted hatch all taped up, almost ready to glaze. The lexan is just taped in place to get a feel for what kind of edge gap we are looking at.

Bomar Series 100 Hatch Restore

 Here is the hatch after glazing, still wet. Hubby helped me caulk as I faired and then we removed tape. Came out kinda clean, have some goofs here and there but comsmetic. Pay no attention to the acetone can in the picture I used isopropyl alcohol for prep. I used gloves whenever I handled the newly painted hatch or lexan, so the surface was fairly clean. 


Glazing the new lexan, in Bomar Series 100 port

Riser installation 


Riser installation

New hatch parts installed with a coating of Tef-Gel to help decrease corrosion between the different metals ( aluminium, stainless steel), gasket installed, bedded with butyl 🙂



Bedded with Butyl, dry as a bone down below 🙂

Still need to patch headliner and install a trim ring around the forward rebuilt Hatch. So far, and we have had a lot of rain, everything is dry.


Forward hatch. Headliner needs patch and hatch trim ring installed


2 thoughts on “New Hatches For Rain Dog

    • Cheryl, I thank you for the nomination :-). I tried to comment on your blog but my darn iPad is just a pain!! I have the draft going. Only about 1/3 of the way through the questions. I am answering as best as I can though we are not currently “cruising” :-). We leave in November, christening/Bon voyage party on Nov 1st. You guys are invited!
      Things are so crazy, I hope to have my blog updated and current soon.
      Current projects, new salon cushions, new chain plates, haul out with new/rebuilt seacocks, drop mast, all new mast Tangs, add spinnaker bail, windex, new anchor light, etc etc!!!!

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