Weather Cloths For The Cockpit, Hurray!

I have wanted Spray cloths for quite a while. I distinctly remember designing the spray cloths in my head after being soaked for the umpteen time during the Harvest Moon Regatta  :). It was such a wet ride, our friends auto inflate lifejacket went off when he was manning the helm.

So finally I am getting to the weather cloth project! I’m using sunbrella from an old awning. I first made a template, using thick plastic drop cloth material.

My mom directed much of it, but I was determined to do the actual work myself :). I used basting tape to make a 1″ seam.

I then folded over again, making three layers, and ran a seam twice. My machine was having a hard time with tension, one side pretty, other side kinda uneven. I tried for over an hour to adjust it but could not get a perfect stitch. That is why I ran two stitches.

I then placed 3/8 grommets on all corners and roughly every 12″ along the border. I used 1/8 bungee to install. I rigged it to draw back like a curtain to the aft stanchion before the stern rail. I need to tweak the fit. Here is a shot of the port weather cloth up. The forward and aft attachments are quick release bungee. The whole spray cloth runs on the top life line and a Dacron lifeline I installed to support the bottom.


The spray cloth has a high clearance to dump water in case we are swamped, it also stays clear of the spinnaker and jib sheets.

I will take it all down and add a few pockets to the inside, I need to figure out how to make pockets :). Plus I need to tighten the lifelines to remove the sag.



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