Moving Rain Dog and Woop Woop

We have decided to move Rain Dog down to Port Aransas. It is prettier there, cheaper rent, still a good jumping off point for Mexico, Florida, etc.

This winter, after we get back from our landlubbering around the US, we will focus on a boat refit. Brian wants to pull the mast and rebuild the Tangs and chainplates. I want to pull all the thru hulls and rebuild or replace where needed.

Rain Dog passing through Rockport on her way to Port Aransas.

Above, our friend Joe who helped Brian bring Rain Dog to Rockport.

We brought Woop Woop onto the island ( Port Aransas). Her first ferry ride :).

Woop Woop is staying at an RV park just a minute bike ride from the marina 🙂 and right on the beach.

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