Johns Hopkins visit, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Baltimore :

After reviewing my case with the top researcher, endocrinologist, and top pathologist in the world on ALH, here is what they concluded:

I DON’T HAVE ALH 🙂 hooraaay!

I actually had pituitary tumors( we knew that), the tumors were more than likely prolactin secreting ( we didn’t know that) Why is that Important? Usually prolactin secreting tumors are treated with medicine first, even radiation, rarely surgery :-(. Mainly because they like to grow back :-(. But these tumors are also the easiest to treat, because they can respond to medicine, they rarely are life threatening. I meet with the local doctors to see what they think of this news, and what the game plan is. If you are a bit confused, join the club!

The bad news is that my recovery is sloooow as molasses ( sorry for the pity party, but Lord is this getting old!)

Brian and I are off to Kemah next week to spend some time on our boats. Kaela and I Ocean Girl. Brian and the boys on Rain Dog. Pray for good weather for the boys! :-).

Brian and I on the plane to Johns Hopkins


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One thought on “Johns Hopkins visit, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  1. So glad to hear that you DON'T have ALH! It does sound like a slow recovery, but at least there's treatment. I'm so glad you have a great guy to go through this with you.Enjoy Kemah! We went there once and loved the area.

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