The BIG Wedding :-)

We got married ( again) on November 5th:-). MM asked us where Brian got the engagement ring,The ring is custom. Brian ordered it from Trina at Bauble Patch Jewlers.

My dream wedding, saying our vows on the bow of beautiful Rain Dog 🙂

Brian as a little bambino….so sweet

That’s me in the middle, ocean girl lovin the Hawaiian waters

My mom bought the beautiful wedding cake…..yum yum

Flower girls, Mimi and and my niece Erika Lily, aren’t they adorable!!

My friend Maritza and I at the rehearsal dinner, hosted by Brian’s parents, thanks mom and dad Bearden for a lovely night.

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Location:The best day of my life!


One thought on “The BIG Wedding :-)

  1. Awesome! I think it's great to have a wedding with MEANING, instead of the same ole thing. Love that you were able to get married on the bow of your sailboat … that's meaning! The flower girls are adorable and love the wedding cake with the seashells … congrats again!

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