Surf and Turf

We bought a Casita camper, it will help when I need to be close to my drs downtown, and since I am unable to work, Brian and I may do some light traveling. Not quite ready for the boat, my light sensitivity is crazy bad. Recovering still a little bit day by day. Wedding coming up, Brian and I are so excited, can’t believe how I lived 40 years without him, my hero.
The Casita was bought from a friend who gave us a deep discount :-).

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2 thoughts on “Surf and Turf

  1. For some reason my google reader hasn't picked up you post till today. We were out of internet range most of the summer and I just caught up with your blog. WOW! I hope you continue your recovery and a speedy one at that. It is a heck of support group you've got there. Love, peace and happiness to you all and a special attaboy goes out to Brian, way to man up. Herbster

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