Brian bought me flowers again (sigh) he is so sweet.

OK enough of the boring hair stuff back to the boat work. Brian and I have ramped up our departure dates to 18 months!!!

Some project are:
rebuilding all stuffing boxes
canvas dodger with rainfly
new VHF antenna
new head
new foam mattress
cushion covers
rebuild windlass

We are also adding spice racks in the galley, shelves in the storage compartments to add capacity. Pretty much the rest of the to do list can be done along the way. We also need to build up our spares for the engine and rigging. We want to be a bit minimalist, at least start out that way, then see how it goes.

Today Brian and I organized and cleaned Rain Dog, tomorrow we will work on Ocean Girl to get her ready to sell.


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  1. What beautiful roses! Looks like you found a "keeper"! We plan on leaving New Orleans around the same time. Hopefully we'll cross paths then. I think your hair is going to look great!

  2. Thanks, where are you heading? We will head for Florida and up the east coast for north carolina where Pacific Seacraft has their factory. We want them to inspect and rebed the keel bolts along with some other upgrades as well.Cheers,Erika

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