5 thoughts on “RAIN DOG..A LOVE STORY

  1. Erika,You simply have to be better about blogging. I didn't even get to see you before we left because you were never on Pier 11..:) Rusty and I want to know how you two are doing! We are currently in Cat Cay hiding out from a norther. We should leave tomorrow headed for Nassau to get some provisioning done we couldn't in Florida ( we are looking for a buffer and a spear) before we left. Anyway, tell Brian I still wants some of his fab recipes. I am so happy for you both!! Lot's of Love,Sea Yawl LaterLinda

  2. will do!! Brian and I have had the flu (we are so cute, we even get sick together:)) But I promise to get better at bloggin. We miss you and was sorry we couldnt see you before your two left. gotta get to work.love, Erika

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